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Put simply, scrap metal is the combination of waste metal, metallic material and any product that contains metal that is capable of being recycled from previous consumption or product manufacturing. Whether it’s vehicle parts, building supplies or surplus project materials, scrap has tremendous monetary value.

Scrap Copper

Scrap copper is copper in used forms. Copper is a heavy metal that is a commodity on many markets. Copper is a relatively valuable metal, and it is used in many residential and consumer products. A variety of factors influence scrap metal copper value.

Scrap Iron

Iron is one of the world’s most recycled items. It’s a ferrous material with highly magnetic properties. Iron is highly sought after because it can also be used to create other metals, like steel (an iron alloy containing carbon). Scrap iron is also used to produce copper in a cost-effective process, that has a low impact on the environment.

Scrap Aluminum

The second most abundant metallic element in the Earth's crust after silicon, aluminum is a comparatively new industrial metal, which has been produced for commercial uses for just over 100 years. Different grades and varieties of aluminum scrap is used for recycling purposes and to recover pure aluminum from the scrap.

Scrap Train Rail

Rail iron is produced specifically for enterprises using a rail system. Due to the fact that everything is diverse, there are also many types of trustee rail anchors, such as light, medium, crane rails. Iron is already one of the most used and found metals dec its own right.

HMS 1&2

Heavy melting steel (HMS) or heavy melting scrap is a designation for recyclable steel and wrought iron. It is broken up into two major categories: HMS 1 and HMS 2, where HMS 1 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel, whereas HMS 2 does.

Scrap Ship

Ship breaking activities involve breaking of old obsolete / damaged ships to recover pure metal (primarily steel) and other items.Steel scrap from the damaged and demolished ships is a primary source of raw material for the re-rolling mills. Generally at least 70 % of the overall light displacement tonnage of a broken ship comprises of re-rollable scrap. These are converted into rods and bars, which are used in construction applications.

Some SCRAP METALS Product Samples

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