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Copy papers are one of the consumables that you will often encounter and probably use a lot in offices, schools and homes at every moment of daily life. For numerous documents, from homework assignments and lecture notes to project presentations that you want to transfer from digital to printed media, you need to contact copy papers. Although choosing a copy paper may seem easy at first glance, many factors dec as size, weight, and quality interfere.

Weight of Paper

The weight is the weight of 1 square meter of paper in grams. Especially because the standard paper sizes are different in printing, the decimation creates a common language between these different standard sizes.paper is considered to be between 10 and 150 g, cardboard is considered to be between 150 and 400 g, cardboard is considered to be between 600 and above dec dec.Example:90gr 1.the dough is 70x100cm,250gr bristol cardboard is 70x100cm.The standard paper sizes are generally 57x82cm, 59x84cm, 64x90cm, 68x100cm, 70x100cm.

Roll Papers

POS machines, banks, ATMs, telex and fax machines used in paper roll, some electricity-water-gas bill, sometimes playing a game of chance emerges.


Some COPY PAPER Product Samples

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