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A forest product is any material derived from forestry for direct consumption or commercial use, such as lumber, paper, or forage for livestock. Wood, by far the dominant product of forests, is used for many purposes, such as wood fuel (e.g. in form of firewood or charcoal) or the finished structural materials used for the construction of buildings, or as a raw material, in the form of wood pulp, that is used in the production of paper. 


A wood material whose raw material is wood, cut from logs to a certain extent for use in industry, structures, and many other areas, is called lumber.


Plywood is the transformation of the trunk parts of trees such as beech, poplar, exotic, pine and birch into sheets obtained by peeling in special machines with special glue and pressing so that the fibers are perpendicular to each other.

Wood Veneer

Cladding made using wood or wood products for the purpose of insulating and beautifying residential walls.


Wood is all kinds of products made from the material obtained from wood. It has been one of the most common building materials in people's buildings since prehistoric times.


The log is called a thick and roughly cut tree trunk. In the rejuvenation of forests, it is of great importance to cut down trees by creating logs. After the logs are cut, the whole branch is cleaned of ur and bulges, peeled and divided into the desired lengths. Logs cleaned in this way are called logs.

Some FOREST PRODUCTS Product Samples

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