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We provide host of service is under one umbrella miting komplet requirements of clients. We blend expertise and experience with need of changing international environment in middle east Africa and Asya region and the world.

Our Vision : Abhirav group aims to be productive and leading turnkey project supplier of petroleum products metal minerals petrochemicals EPC oil field drilling around the world.

Our Mission : We endeavor to provide a continued outstanding customer service with driving and positive attitude towards Business.


Commitment to Green Energy 


MOROCCO's network of free trade agreements provides a significant advantage for investors. These agreements, including those with the European Union, the United States, TURKIYE(TURQUIA), INDONESIA, MALAYSIA and several African countries, offer preferential market access, tariff reductions, and streamlined trade facilitation. This enhances Morocco's competitiveness as an export-oriented economy, enabling businesses to access a broader market and benefit from reduced trade barriers.


Furthermore, Morocco's commitment to renewable energy presents attractive opportunities for investors in the sector. The country has made substantial investments in solar and wind power projects and aims to generate a significant portion of its energy from renewable sources. This commitment to green energy opens doors for investment in renewable energy infrastructure, technology, and related services. Morocco's favorable climate and geographic location make it an ideal destination for renewable energy projects, further enhancing its appeal to investors.


By leveraging its free trade agreements and focusing on renewable energy, Morocco positions itself as an attractive investment destination for businesses looking to expand their export markets and contribute to the sustainable energy transition. These factors, combined with Morocco's stable political environment, skilled workforce, and infrastructure development, create a conducive investment climate in the country.




Hydrogen (H2) is an invisible, odorless gas, the lightest and most abundant chemical element on Earth. It is rarely present in a pure state, but is a component of water and hydrocarbons. Hydrogen is not only a source of energy, but also an "energy carrier" that can be stored on a large scale over the long term. Hydrogen's properties enable it to be used in a variety of applications, depending on the production process:


- In a natural gas network, mixed with methane to generate heat;
- In a vehicle, as an energy source for an electric motor (electricity is produced by a fuel cell integrated into the vehicle) or thermal engine (direct combustion of hydrogen);
- In the power grid, to produce electricity.


Hydrogen can also be used in the chemical industry, where it is valorized for its chemical properties:


- Hydrogen is used as a raw material in hydrocarbon refining, fertilizer production and certain chemical applications.
- Hydrogen mixed with CO2 produces synthetic methane, a molecule identical to natural gas. Derived synthetic fuels can also be produced using this process: methanol, diesel, kerosene, etc.


Today, the global hydrogen market is essentially an industrial one. Hydrogen is used in petroleum and chemical industry processes. The three most important markets are the desulfurization of petroleum fuels, ammonia synthesis, mainly for fertilizers, and the chemical industry.




Hydrogen can be produced in a low-carbon, cost-effective way thanks to electrolysis technology, which separates a water molecule into Hydrogen molecule into Hydrogen (H2) and Oxygen (O2) using electricity, provided that the electricity.





1. Investments in Water Enterprises & Development

2. Investments in Healthcare Enterprises & Development

3. Investments in Healty and Safe Food Production Service

4. Investments in Tourist Enterprises & Management

5. Investments in Energy Enterprises & Management

6. Investments in Educational Enterprises & Management

7. Investments in Commercial Enterprises & Management

8. Investments in Agricultural Enterprises & Management

9. Investments in ındustrial Enterprises & Management

10. Investments in Oil & Natural Gas Projects

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