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Understanding LPG and LNG Fuel

Each of these types of fuels have both similarities and differences. LPG fuel, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a liquefied gas and is a byproduct derived while extracting crude petroleum. ... LNG fuel, or liquefied natural gas, is a natural gas converted to liquid form through liquefaction.

LPG is going to be priced cheaper. If we buy LNG (from abroad), it will reduce our dependence on crude oil. ... Oil Secretary Tarun Kapoor said LNG is a clean fuel, convenient and a bit cheaper than other fuels. “It is very appropriate for long-distance transportation.”

LNG, in general terms, is considered safer than LPG. LNG is lighter than air while LPG is heavier. Natural gas liquid (NGL): it may also have ethane, propane, butane and some condensate.

CNG is an abbreviation of “Compressed Natural Gas” whereas LPG is an abbreviation of “Liquefied Petroleum Gas”. The primary difference between CNG and LPG lies in the components that make up these fuels. While CNG is primarily made up of Methane, LPG is primarily made up of propane.


Some LPG AND LNG Product Samples

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